Ensuring people receive the right information about COVID-19, Neha compiled all on one platform

"With 10-year of experience at a Software Company, I developed the skills and deep understanding of what is involved in running a software business. I am Neha Patel, living in the U.K., and I am the co-founder of Your999 Limited. Your999 is a platform that was launched in 2015 for the public to use in all sorts of emergencies.

Image: Neha Patel
Image: Neha Patel

At the start of the pandemic, countries around the world started imposing restrictions and lockdowns at short notice. People around the globe were overwhelmed with all the information. Every country had a different set of guidelines, details, and restrictions. This obviously meant that the volume of hoax information also increased on various social platforms. The world was unfolding one of the biggest emergencies ever.

We, at Your999, stepped forward to use our platform and make peoples' lives easier. We enhanced the platform to hold the most up to date information about COVID-19 around the world.

This indeed had its own challenges. The updates around the world were changing every minute. To ensure the right information is shared, we have been dedicating our time to follow all live details. This platform has been used by many people who have friends, families, or businesses in other countries. Moreover, it has helped a lot of people who were stranded in foreign lands, because of flight cancellations.

Additionally, we also offered local businesses free space on our platform for advertisements. This has been proven very positive for struggling businesses. I believe that kindness means a will to help someone wherever you can without seeking a reward."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Neha Patel for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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