"Willing to give up my apartment to set up COVID care facility",man whose dad struggled to get a bed

A life-changing experience for Vishal Singh, a 42-year-old in India, made him choose 'actions' over 'words' so that no other experiences what he did. With the COVID cases surge in India, Vishal's father, nearly 80, also suffered from the virus. Having all the privileges and contacts, Vishal and his family struggled to secure some basic amenities for the treatment of this father.

Vishal Singh
Image: Vishal Singh (Picture courtesy: The Better India)

“Despite having all the resources in hand and having contacts in different private hospitals, my father couldn’t access a hospital bed or oxygen. Instead of waiting on hospitals to respond, we got everything my father needed for a home quarantine, and thankfully he’s doing much better now. It was an extremely difficult moment for my family and me. A couple of days back, as I was going on my morning stroll, I saw a series of emails being exchanged by members of my residential society about setting up a COVID-19 care facility inside the complex. However, setting up a COVID care facility inside the residential complex was going to cost a lot of money and other residents weren’t willing to take on the responsibility. I then reached out to General (Retd) VK Narula, the president of the Residents Welfare Association (RWA), and Dr. Nagra, a retired doctor formerly with Manipal Hospital and resident of Sahara Grace, telling them that I was willing to foot the bill for the facility. I was willing to give up my apartment to set up this facility. There is also a massive clubhouse in our society, which was closed due to the pandemic. Inside the clubhouse is a sizable hall which is centrally air-conditioned with washrooms and other basic infrastructure attached to it. With over 60 residents out of 200 suffering from COVID-19 in our society, there was no time for debates. We needed to create something to ameliorate the suffering of our fellow residents. Although these are people residing in high-end flats, the non-availability of hospital beds and oxygen has affected everyone,” Vishal shared with The Better India.

"It took us two days, and I personally spent about Rs. 20 lakh (approximately $27,000 USD) to set the facility. The relief care center offers free care by experienced nurses and housekeeping staff. Seeing the suffering in my own family, I had no option but to set this facility up. It’s high time we become selfless. No matter how much money or power you possess, this pandemic can affect you. Our work here has inspired other members of our society to step up and do their part."

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