After a near-death experience, Victoriah lives her purpose to uplift society and help the community

"In December 2016, on the day of my music video release, I happen to fall sick. Due to tooth extraction, the infection spread all over my face, and my bones deteriorated. I had to undergo an open face emergency surgery.

Image: Victoriah Bech
Image: Victoriah Bech

I am Victoriah Bech, born and raised in Denmark. Ten years ago, I moved to Los Angeles, California, the USA to work in the Entertainment Industry. Since a little girl, I have always loved music and dancing.

The near-death experience changed my life and the way I look at my purpose. I was sick all through the year 2017 and the first half of the year 2018. I was on multiple medications and injections. My veins had completely destroyed. Moreover, due to high medical bills and no source of income for over a year, I had a million-dollar debt. I had lost my house, my car, and my debit and credit cards. Everything that I had built with hard work was gone.

In addition to all this, I went through intolerable pain for so long. I remember praying to God regularly and wishing for him to end my life, but I would wake up again the next day. This got me thinking about the bigger purpose of my life. I was living through my toughest and darkest days only to understand who I am and what my purpose is. In those days, I realized that even though I have nothing to give, this is the time I have to go out and give the most.

When my health improved, I started volunteering. I visited a shelter home in Skid Row, LA, and I saw about 140 kids living and sleeping in one room. When I stepped in there, I knew in that instance that this is where I am needed the most. If God has shown me something, he has only done that so I act on it. Else he would have shown this to you, but no, he chose me.

As my debt was piling up, I took a well-paying job as a nanny in a wealthy family. I was supposed to go on holiday with them for a couple of weeks, and I obviously needed the money. But I chose not to. I quit the job and started a free pre-school for the kids in Skid Row. Over time I built a strong relationship with families living in Skid Row. I started a youth program, in which the kids get a regular experience just like any other kid would. I take them to movies or to the boulevard. Also, my mom and I hosted a Christmas party at my home for 16 kids and their parents. These kids need consistency - they need to be seen or heard.

I have started my non-profit, called Starts With One Today. I believe we all have the power to make this world a better place. All it takes is ONE greeting, ONE smile, ONE donation, or ONE action. I have one simple question to ask all - if you ever saw ten people drowning and you can save only one. What would you do? Would you walk away? No, right? Similarly, don't focus on solving big issues because it is overwhelming. Focus on one individual - Start with one today!

I am also involved in many other projects such as rescuing dogs from the China meat trade, creating training opportunities for prison inmates, running youth programs for teenage kids, etc. A year ago, I was fostering two dogs. They never left my home so now I have adopted them. Both have gone through torture for many years and I hope to make their lives better by nursing them and loving them. I have also adopted a blind dog who I found walking by a freeway. All these experiences have made me into a responsible human being. I chose to switch to vegan, purely out of compassion.

I strongly believe that not everyone in this world gets an opportunity to make a choice. To make a choice, one should have the privilege of two choices – a good one and a bad one. Unfortunately, not all of us have that privilege.

To end my story, one thing I would like to say - Everybody you meet is someone’s somebody. It doesn’t take a lot to make the world a better place."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Victoriah Bech for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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