Spanish Food Truck shuts down 8 days after launch, now happily delivering free food to Health heroes

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

"I have spent my entire life working in the IT sector. It has been my dream to start something in the food industry. After thinking about it for years and talking to friends in the industry, I decided to change my career and go for this new way of life.

Alfredo with his daughter, Marina
Image: Alfredo with his daughter, Marina

I am Alfredo Vazquez from Madrid, Spain. I used my savings and all my efforts to launch my food truck, TradiZiona – a Spanish street food business at the end of February 2020. We started serving food then on the 8th day the government ordered lockdown across Spain. Hence, we had to stop.

It was frustrating and worrisome initially, but it was time to make the best out of the situation we were in. This got me thinking about how I can do that. I have supplies, I have the food truck and I have time. So, I decided to contribute by providing food to our heroes.

In the beginning, it was hard to get permission to operate for the cause, but then I found a platform called “Food for Heroes”, a group of over 100 restaurants, both big and small, coming together to serve our Health heroes at hospitals.

We are now delivering approximately 125 portions to hospitals every day for free. We always have the biggest smiles on our faces when delivering but no one can see the smiles because of the masks we are wearing. But I hope they can see our love and passion to support our health heroes.

TradiZiona food truck with volunteers
Image: Volunteers with the food truck

We are a small company so we are raising funds to cover all operational costs. We are trying our best to take care of our small-scale suppliers by paying them for all the supplies on time because this crisis has also impacted the entire food chain.

We are not a non-profit organization. I started this to follow my dream, to feed people and to earn money. But now is not the time to earn money. It’s time to make efforts and overcome this challenge as quickly as possible. Fortunately, many people are doing amazing things all around the world, we are doing our bit by feeding our health heroes and bringing a smile on their faces.

My daughter, Marina, is my biggest inspiration. She is only 17 years old and very excited to do her part for the community. She says, “I am at low risk because of my age, so I can actively contribute”. The other two volunteers are also under 21 years old. It makes me very proud to see how the younger generation is thinking about social responsibility. Although we are taking all precautions, at the end of the day we are obviously exposing ourselves and are at risk. Having said that, somebody needs to go out and support our health heroes and do our bit, so why not us?

Health staff is doing the hardest job right now. People in Spain are understanding and appreciating their efforts. Everyone is doing their bit by staying indoors and preventing the spread of the infection.

Here in Spain, every day at 8 pm the entire population goes out to their windows to clap for the health heroes. A couple of days back, we were driving to the hospital at 8 pm to deliver meals and there were many police cars with lights on who were thanking the hospital staff. When we arrived, the hospital staff clapped for us. That moment, right there, is our motivation to continue our efforts. It was an emotional moment for us.

I just want to give some hope out to the world. We will overcome this soon. There will be a day again where we will be close to our loved ones, kiss and hug them. All these sufferings will come to an end and we will celebrate life once again."

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You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Alfredo, Marina and entire TradiZiona team who are going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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