Tony Hudgell, 5, raises over £1m for the NHS by completing a walking challenge on prosthetic legs

"Tony was 41 days old when he suffered the horrific abuse at the hands of his biological parents. He was left with multiple fractures, toxic shock, sepsis, and multi-organ failure. He ended up on life support and seconds from death.

When he was 4 months, he came to live with us as a foster baby. We instantly fell in love and went on to adopt him. We did not want him to go back into the foster care system.

Then, sadly in 2017, he needed to have both his legs amputated due to those extreme injuries. His left hip is dislocated and missing the ball joint due infection, he has hand issues and is deaf in his right ear."

How old are you, Tony? "FIVE"

When is your birthday? "8th October"

Why did you decide to fundraise?

"Well, this is the story. I saw Captain Moore. He walked. I said I can do it too. And I have done it."

"I raised for the hospital (Evelina London) that saved my life. I have raised over a million pounds."

"Tony has been recently learning to walk on his new legs with crutches. He decided to walk 300m daily in June, with a target of 10km. By the end of June, he completed 13 km. We are really proud of him. He inspires us every day with his strength and determination. He never gives up. A true spirit.

People from around the world have sent their best wishes, cards, and gifts for Tony. There is so much love for him in the world. He has also been awarded the 'Points of Light Award' by Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom."

Tony, do you love your mom? "Yes"

How much? "Millions!"

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Tony Hudgell and his family for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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