Soumya, a student, has launched 'Letters for the NHS' that helps people thank key workers directly

"My name is Soumya Krishna Kumar, and I was born and raised in London. I have recently completed my first year at the University of Warwick. I started The Crisis Project in September 2019 in response to the Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela. However, as I got busy with my first year at university, I could not launch it properly. Thus, this is technically a second launch.

Image: Soumya Krishna Kumar
Image: Soumya Krishna Kumar

The Crisis Project is a non-profit, acting as an umbrella company to a hub of smaller projects. We aim to work towards spreading positivity and making an impact.

'Letters for the NHS' is a project that is really close to my heart. A member of the public can nominate a key worker to receive a letter. When we get a new nomination, we assign that key worker to a volunteer in our database. The volunteer then has a week to write a personal and thoughtful letter for the NHS. Even though we share letter-writing guidelines with dos and don'ts to help our volunteers, we encourage them to write from the bottom of their hearts.

Due to data protection, we ensure to not give out any personal details of the key worker to our volunteers. Hence, every volunteer writes a letter and sends it to us via email. I then handwrite and post the letter out to the key workers. Because there is a limit to how many letters I can handwrite in a day, I send out 60% of the letters via emails and 40% physical letters. To date, Letters for the NHS has sent over 400 letters, and we have nearly 1000 volunteers who have signed up. 

Image: Mya handwriting letters
Image: Mya handwriting letters

This country has so much love for the NHS, and I wanted to give people an opportunity to harness that love in an impactful way. A lot of people share very personal experiences in the letters. Some of them had written about how they lost their sibling, a parent, or a loved one to COVID-19 and thank the key workers for all their hard work. We have also received great feedback from a lot of keyworkers who were having a hard day at work, and receiving a letter makes them forget all their worries. This is a great way to let the key workers know how much gratitude and respect we all have for them and their sacrifices.

I wish to continue the project ‘Letters for the NHS’ post the pandemic. I believe that we must always be grateful to them, pandemic or no pandemic. They are our true heroes.

Another exciting news is that we have recently launched ‘Letters to Care homes’. We are living in the midst of a loneliness epidemic and the global pandemic has made this worse. Many are isolated, and receiving a heart-warming letter from the outside world will give them so much happiness.

To end this, I would like to share that there are many ways to get involved with The Crisis Project. You can nominate your friend or family who is a key worker. We heavily rely on public nominations so your support is highly appreciated. You can also sign up to be a volunteer and give your 10 minutes to write a letter. Lastly, to send the letters, we rely on the donations for the postage, if you can donate £1 that would be wonderful. It will help us to continue our operations."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Soumya and the volunteers of The Crisis Project for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

If you know someone who is working for others, please share the story

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