Shiella Yap, an RN from New York, has been raising funds to fuel the frontlines during night shifts

"I am Shiella Yap, a Registered Nurse in New York City, USA. I am originally from the Philippines, and I came to the States when I was 10. I started my Nursing career working with adults, but I have always wanted to do Pediatrics. Now I work in the Pediatrics Department. Working with kids is very different, and I love every minute. 

Image: Shiella Yap
Image: Shiella Yap

The past few months have been very nerve-wracking for me and for all other frontliners. There has been a lot of uncertainty in the way we work - policies were changing very rapidly. A few months back I received the news that one of my former nursing supervisor passed away after contracting coronavirus. It hit very close to home and made me very emotional. That moment made me want to do something nice for my colleagues. So, I decided to send them some money for coffee or a little “pick me up” with a note to brighten up their day. It was not an extravagant contribution, but it still brought a smile on their faces. And that really made me happy.

Later on, I felt that I could no longer just sit and do nothing. The selflessness and kindness of other people have truly inspired me which has been very contagious. And I had this urge to do something more. During my night shift one evening, I kept on thinking of ways that I can contribute. So I decided to raise some funds to support frontline workers as well as local restaurants and businesses. As soon as I came back home after my shift, I created a GoFundMe page and put it out on my social media channels. It gave me something to be excited about

Though many kind people or even restaurants have been sending meals to different hospitals across the city, many are forgetting about the doctors, nurses and other staff members working during the nightshift as most of the donations have gone to dayshift workers. Oftentimes, we night shifters are forgotten or get leftovers so that’s why I really wanted to target my meal donations for the frontlines working overnight. Having a fresh meal to eat at night really helps the staff especially during a busy and chaotic shift. So, I worked very closely with local restaurants and placed meal orders to be delivered to various hospitals in Queens, NY, which has become the epicenter of the pandemic. When a restaurant is unable to do delivery with the scheduled time, I’ve stepped up and did some of the deliveries myself. I felt as though this was the least I could do. The doctors, nurses, and other staff were always beyond grateful and appreciative, which was ultimately the main goal of the fundraiser.

It was very important to me to not only support the healthcare workers but also the small businesses and local restaurants that are struggling during this period.

Lastly, I just want to add that there is a lot of negativity that is putting us at fear. Every single person is affected in one way or another. Hopefully, this will change our perspective on things for good. We will become more grateful for what and who we have. We will start living more in the present. We will value get-togethers and family gatherings more than ever before. When this is over – people will realize how we all worked together as a community and this is how we got through the pandemic."

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You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Shiella for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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