Scammell kids have inspired entire Australia to thank key workers through #ThankYouProjectAustralia

"I am Gracie, 8, I am Harry, 10, and I am George, 12. We are the Scammell kids living in Sydney, Australia

Image: (L-R) George, Harry, Gracie
Image: (L-R) George, Harry, Gracie

When the lockdown had just started, one Sunday evening during dinner we were watching the show called The Project. A girl was using a 3D printer to make face masks for the frontliners. Our mum asked us whether there is anything we could help with and contribute to the community. During the dinner, we decided we would start Thank You Project Australia by making and giving handmade 'thank you' posters to essential workers. Our first thank you was to the person, named Stuart, in the local butcher shop. We made a thank you poster for him that said, “We would be stew without you.” 

Image: thanking the delivery man
Image: Gracie thanking the delivery man

We also gave a thank you poster to the man who came to deliver groceries. He was so thankful for this gesture as he was having a horrible day. People had abused him all day because he was unable to fulfill their orders due to the scarcity of essential items.

Seeing the way we were contributing, many schools and kids wanted to participate and join so we gave them all the relevant information and created a hashtag #ThankYouProjectAustralia. Since then we have collectively reached 50,000 Thank You(s).

We remember giving a poster to a lady working in the grocery store, she had teary eyes. She was excited to show this to her daughter because her daughter did not think that her job was essential. 

Scammell kids with the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison
Scammell kids with the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison

Across Australia, many children thanked their local heroes and tagged us on Instagram. We also got an amazing opportunity to meet the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, and the Premier of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian. The Prime Minister showed us around his office, answered all our questions, and shared some funny anecdotes. We had a wonderful experience, and this is something we are very proud of.

Before our visit, a lot of schools had asked us to collect posters that kids made especially for the Premier and the Prime Minister. We handed over 500 and 250 thank you posters to both, respectively. A young child wrote that he understands the reasons for the lockdown, but he could not go to his grandma’s funeral, this has made him very sad. Another child wrote, “thank you, you kept my loving family together.” This project has given space to all the kids to express their feelings during the lockdown. We all are very proud that we kept our positive beliefs and started the project.

Just recently I (George) went back to the butcher shop, and I saw a man who was walking into the shop, he stopped and looked at the thank-you poster which was put up on the window. This was the thank-you poster that we had given to Stew. This man smiled and took a picture of it. It was warming to see that our effort made someone’s day and people were recognizing the gestures.

We have learned the power of saying thank you. It not only makes the other person’s day but also makes us happy. We will never stop thanking the wonderful people who make our lives easier."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to George, Harry, and Gracie for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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