Rikka Mae started 'Share A Bread' initiative for everyone to show support for the frontline workers

"My name is Rikka Mae Estampador-Bawasanta, in short Kae, and I am an accountant and a diving instructor by profession in Cebu, Philippines.

Rikka Mae Estampador-Bawasanta
Rikka Mae Estampador-Bawasanta

I have started an initiative, called 'Share A Bread' to pay my tribute to the brave frontline workers. They are working tirelessly and taking care of COVID-19 positive patients while maintaining peace and harmony within the community. 

Sometime around the time of lockdown, we stopped the operations of our scuba diving institute. Like everyone else was confined in their homes, I was too. I had a lot of free time at hand. I felt that I needed to do something for my people and my community. I had some friends working in the medicinal field and I thought of making some goodie bags for them as a token of appreciation. The thought of cheering them up and spreading smiles motivated me to start. Hence, I decided to start baking for the frontline workers. 

The idea behind 'Share A Bread' initiative is that you buy for yourself and share some with our frontline friends. When we sell a number of pieces of bread to someone, we match the same amount and donate them to our chosen frontline beneficiaries of the day. This way anyone does not only purchase a piece of bread for their homes but also purchase one in kind for the frontline workers. Apart from the regular 'Share a Bread' packages, we also offer people to gift their choice of bread to their choice of beneficiaries by purchasing the exclusive packages. After doing this for some time, people showed interest in donating so we have now started accepting direct donations.

We are offering different varieties of Pandesal bread filled with Ube Cheese, Mango Yema, Choco Chili, and Berry Choco. Moreover, we also offer options for add-ons. To date, we have distributed over 3,600 Pandesals to 43 beneficiaries. I am proud to say that we have 163 patrons who are helping us make this initiative sustainable.

Image: Pandesal packages ready to go
Image: Pandesal packages ready to go

The pieces of bread are priced at a very reasonable rate. This way we make sure that the people ordering them are satisfied. Our bread packages feature a small thank you note for our frontline friends and the names of sponsors for that package.

Since our daily production is limited, we select our beneficiaries monthly such as those from isolated communities, hospitals, organizations doing humanitarian work, grocery stores, and other essential services. I am happy how this initiative has shaped up in times like these, and I want to expand 'Share a Bread' to other deserving sections of our society post this pandemic."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Rikka Mae Estampador-Bawasanta for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

If you know someone who is working for others, please share the story https://www.youhumanity.com/share-your-story

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