'For Daily Wagers'- a peer-to-peer platform to support daily wager families during the lockdown

I am Rehan Gupta, living in India. Along with two of my friends, Jassil Jamaludhin and Naivedya Chaturvedi, I started the initiative 'For Daily Wagers' - a peer-to-peer platform - in April 2020 that aimed at supporting migrant workers and daily wagers during the lockdown. 

The idea was inspired by one of my friends in Turkey who is running a similar operation in his country. I reached out to my ex-colleagues and built a team of 15. Within a few days, I had the website and a structure to operate in. 

The 'For Daily Wagers' platform works on 3 principles.

One, virtual operations. We were aware that the operations will not be smooth during the lockdown. Hence, we executed the entire initiative online without breaking any government guidelines. Volunteers were matched with the beneficiary in their neighborhood to avoid long travels. Two, transparency. We ensured to facilitate financial transactions on our platform and be 100% transparent. Three, direct impact. Because of our model, the volunteers are able to make a direct impact on the beneficiary.

We started the operations in Delhi and Mumbai and have now gradually expanded to Hyderabad and Bhopal. This concept is so simple that it can be implemented in any city that has access to online grocery delivery. The word spread very rapidly and we received an overwhelming response from the volunteers. To date, our platform has successfully connected more than 440 beneficiaries to 300+ donors. Moreover, over 3,400 Kg of groceries has been delivered to the beneficiaries.

It has been a rewarding experience for all of us. We celebrate every time we get any pictures of the deliveries.

There have been many beautiful and memorable stories. My batchmate who is an army officer and happens to be stationed at a remote location, he donated to 20 families. Similarly, an old lady who volunteered was not tech-savvy, but she spent 1.5 hours trying to understand the process to place an order. Mistakenly she ordered groceries to her own address, and she went on to place another order. The boy who came to deliver the groceries had to rush home for Iftar during Ramadan, but instead, he chose to go ahead and complete this second delivery before heading home. Such stories are a huge motivation for us. 

My family has been very supportive. In fact, one of my major driving forces is my father. He has helped massively by making several donations.

My university, my friends, family, and community all came together to make this a success.

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Rehan, Jassil, and Naivedya for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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