Rebeccah started a free online tutoring service to overcome homeschooling challenges during COVID-19

"I am Rebeccah Raphael, and I am 19 years old living in Canada. I am starting my first year at the University of Toronto this fall, and I want to be a physician. I have also been always interested in Education. I believe that if I am good at something, I would want to pass my knowledge. Teaching is one of the most important skills that elevate us as a society. Hence, whatever career I choose for myself, I will definitely integrate education and teaching into it.

Image: Rebeccah Raphael

When the lockdown started, I saw that it was a challenge for my younger siblings and for many children who could not go to school. It was tricky for many parents to home-school their children alongside other commitments. Looking at all these issues. I stepped up to start The Halifax Helpers. I wanted to provide a support service for the youth and alleviate stress from parents.

The Halifax Helpers is a free online tutoring service for students. When a child needs support on any subject or topic, they inform our volunteer tutors in advance. The tutor then picks up the topic, sets up a 1:1 virtual session, and covers the content. We started with a small base of volunteers who are passionate about tutoring and education, and our service is now growing. For the last few months, we have been taking approximately 300 sessions per week. This is expected to increase when schools reopen in the fall. 

Image: The Halifax Helpers

My vision is to expand and make education accessible to all. What I love about our service is that we have a lovely base of youth volunteers who are passionate about running the platform. We are definitely sure that even when the organization grows, we will keep it 100% free. 

One thing I have truly learned from my parents is that there is always a solution to every problem. You may find it a little late, but you will surely find one. Persistence and patience are what I always stand for."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Rebeccah Raphael for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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