Shanti Narayan, a non-profit, adopted 21 underprivileged families during COVID-19 lockdown

"I went to the USA in the year 2009. Living there made me realize that the quality of education for the children was the same regardless of their families' financial background. I decided to move back to India to do something for the underprivileged section of society.

Image: Pardeep Kumar Dhiman
Image: Pardeep Kumar Dhiman

I am Pardeep Kumar Dhiman from Kurukshetra and I have founded Shanti Narayan NGO, in the year 2018, named after my parents.


The NGO has around 15 members, and we work to conduct various activities in order to promote education and health in rural areas. We have conducted numerous activities and competitions for the children in government schools of Haryana and Rajasthan. The aim is to develop and promote self-confidence in children. We as a team believe that education is a fundamental right of a child, and every child must be able to exercise this right regardless of the social status. In addition to this, we also work towards providing and facilitating affordable health check-ups to the rural areas.

When the news about the nationwide lockdown was announced, our team decided to extend our support to the ones who needed us the most. I approached the local Red Cross Society, and they handed us over the necessary guidelines with a list of beneficiaries. We stepped forward to provide lunch to the beneficiaries daily. These beneficiaries were mostly migrant laborers without a ration card.

We started off by setting up a big kitchen inside our house. Every morning I started my day at 5 to get all the necessary supplies and fresh vegetables. My wife has been a big support throughout. She happily took over the responsibility of cooking and managing the kitchen activities with other team members. We used to cook from 7 am till 12 noon, preparing meals for 100-120 beneficiaries. This was our routine for 20 days until the guidelines were changed. We were requested to start distributing dry ration to families. Shanti Naranyan adopted 21 families and provided them with ration kits that would last 15 days. We now are one big family, and we are working towards ensuring that they find ways to sustain going forward.

Additionally, with the help of District Civil Hospital, we set up a blood donation camp some days ago. A total of 20 volunteers turned up to donate blood for the COVID-19 warriors. My mother also wanted to contribute in her unique way, so she and other female members of my family started stitching masks at home. We then distributed them around.

It is very important that everyone understands the importance of hygiene. To help spread the guidelines by the Government, I have started to demonstrate the right way of washing hands and the importance of masks and social distancing.

Every night I thank god for the privilege and strength he has given me. I am able to contribute to my people and my country. My family and my team have been my biggest support. They have been the backbone of all the activities that we have carried out. They inspire me to work harder each day."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Pardeep Dhiman and Shanti Narayan team for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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