Elgar Siblings founded now-u to help people tackle some of the world's most pressing problems

"During the lockdown, I was furloughed from work, and my brother, James, came home early from the University. I am Lizzie Elgar, living in Sevenoaks, UK.

Image: Lizzie & James Elgar
Image: Lizzie & James Elgar

We both were looking for ways to help in our local area but found it difficult to find meaningful things to do beyond occasionally delivering food and medicines to local people who were shielding. We noticed that a lot of people wanted to do something to help others during the pandemic but didn’t know what and how they could do. Additionally, there were a lot of people and charities in desperate need of support.

We decided to create a platform that would connect people to causes they care about and facilitate learning about important issues and taking action to drive change. Hence, in July 2020 we launched a non-profit app called now-u. Our mission is to inform, involve, and inspire people to help tackle some of the world's most pressing social and environmental problems. In these unprecedented times, we cannot ‘go back to normal’. The now-u app facilitates ways for people to drive changes that are quick, simple, and impactful.

Our first campaigns focused on issues exacerbated by the pandemic: i) domestic abuse, ii) refugee welfare & resettlement, iii) global access to water, sanitation, and hygiene, and iv) a green recovery.

We have ensured that our users can make a bigger impact with simple efforts. They can simply join now-u’s campaigns on the app to get involved with the causes they care about. We provide engaging and accessible learning materials, as well as a wide range of actions users can take to make a difference, ranging from signing a petition in 1 click to a more long-term commitment such as volunteering. Whether you have 5 minutes in the morning or an hour in the evening, you can find effective ways to support the amazing work being done by charities on the frontline across the globe.

One of our most recent campaigns has been created in partnership with our friends at You Humanity. The campaign focuses on improving global access to menstrual health and hygiene. At least 500 million people who menstruate worldwide lack proper access to menstrual hygiene facilities, placing their health at risk, as well as their education, economic opportunities, and so much more. We are supporting several amazing charities through this campaign, such as the Simama Na DADA Initiative which tackles period poverty in Kenya.

It has been incredibly rewarding to hear charities say they believe our work could make a real difference to their mission, and our users tell us we've opened their eyes to important issues and inspired them to do more to help.

We believe that everyone should have the chance to find happiness and to achieve their goals, regardless of their birth. Recognising our shared humanity and treating people around us with kindness could contribute so much towards making the world a better place.

Head over to the now-u app today and join our campaigns to start supporting this vital work."

Image: now-u team
Image: now-u team

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Lizzie & James Elgar for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

If you know someone who is working for others, please share the story https://www.youhumanity.com/share-your-story

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