Mia (4) delivers love and smiles to the frontline & essential workers through her baked cookies

"I am Devin, and I live in Stillwater NY, USA with my husband, Mike, and our two children, Mia (4) and Gino (1). Mia's Cookie Jar came to me as an idea of something fun to do with my daughter at the beginning of the pandemic. I recognized the toll the pandemic was taking on our frontline workers, first responders, and essential workers. I thought to myself how can I turn this into a lesson about kindness and giving back while bringing these people some well-deserved smiles. Well, my daughter, Mia, has been baking with me since she was about 18 months. Her favorite thing to bake and eat has always been chocolate chip cookies.

Image: Chef Mia
Image: Chef Mia

And this is how Mia's Cookie Jar was started. I thought to myself, she would LOVE to bake her cookies and bring them to people as she loves to hear that people enjoyed something that she has baked. I knew this would be an amazing experience for her full of important life lessons in kindness, giving, and to be grateful for those around you.

We bake the cookies, pack, and deliver them to the superheroes (as Mia calls them).

It is heartwarming to see the smiles on the faces of these people when they see Mia coming with her cookies and picture. The impact that such a small act of kindness has, from a little four years old, is truly inspiring.

The mission of Mia's Cookie Jar is 'learning lessons and spreading kindness one cookie at a time'. We try to do 2-3 deliveries a week and a lot of our deliveries come to us as requests from Mia's cookie followers. They tell us how these superheroes have personally impacted their lives. It makes our mission and the delivery even more special.

The thing that amazes me about kindness, is how contagious it really is! Mia delivers her cookies to these superheroes to say thank you to them for all that they do for us day in and day out. She has received so many tokens of kindness and appreciation, such as donations of supplies to allow her to continue baking (her most recent one from HERSHEY!!!), invites to meet police horses, junior badges, patches, hats, stickers, lollipops from doctors offices, t-shirts, thank you notes, etc. We started this just two short months ago and absolutely love it. If we all just be kind, love one another, and have a giving heart, our future will be so bright"

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Mia and Devin for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

If you know someone who is working for others, please share the story https://www.youhumanity.com/share-your-story 

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