79-year old Mrs. Sharma from India - an inspiration to all

"I am Mrs. Maya Sharma living in Jaipur, India with my family. I celebrated my 79th birthday during the lockdown on April 4th. 

Mrs. Maya Sharma
Image: Mrs. Maya Sharma

Ever since I was young, I have always loved sewing and knitting. I still have the sewing machine that dates back to almost 59 years, as old as my wedding anniversary.  

During the lockdown, I read in the newspaper that it was a challenge for a few doctors to get the masks. The masks in the market were expensive, leading our Doctors and Nurses to sew their masks at home after their long shifts. I was not happy after reading this, and I decided to contribute.

I picked up my sewing machine and the 5-meter fabric that I had handy, and I started sewing masks all by myself. To date, I have sewed approximately 600-700 masks. 

Every day I sew and donate approximately 30 masks to the medical staff, to the police, and to the essential workers. My neighbors have stepped up to donate fabric so that I can continue making more masks. It gives me immense happiness and satisfaction. I believe that nothing is impossible in life. 

I am blessed to have a loving family. My children take proper care of me. It is hard for me to thread the needle but my granddaughter is always ready to help me. Because of everyone's support, I can spend most of my day sewing and give back to the community.

I hope my contribution makes a small difference in society during this difficult phase."

Mrs. Sharma celebrating her 79th birthday with family
Image: 79th birthday celebration

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