Lucy and The Cheerful Little Letter project helped many people to make friends during the lockdown

“After having my daughter, I fancied doing something more creative. So, I started my two businesses both in personalised gifts industry. I print children’s drawings and artwork on various things to be gifted. Often these gifts are for grandparents, and they get so happy opening personalised items from children.

I am Lucy Murray, an entrepreneur and a mum of two kids aged 5 and 2. I live in Milton Keynes, the UK with my family. During the lockdown, I felt so sad thinking about elder residents in the care homes. They were not able to go out or no one could come and visit them from the outside. I wanted to do something to bring a smile on their faces and to uplift them.

Image: Lucy Murray with her daughter
Image: Lucy Murray with her daughter

Thus, I started the Cheerful Little Letter Project’. I rang one of the care homes close to my home and shared the idea with them. They were absolutely thrilled and came on board. I, then, made a Facebook group inviting many kids from all over the country, encouraging them to write letters for the care home residents.

The concept was very simple, I would post a picture of the care home with the address on the Facebook group. Any kid and family who wanted to volunteer would comment and I’d send them a specific room number for them to write and post the letter. This ensured that all residents receive at least one letter and that their personal details were also not shared at all. Over time a lot of care homes joined the project, and I got busier managing it.

A lot of kids also sent stamped envelopes with their addresses, hoping that they would receive a response back from the resident. And many did! This project has helped many kids to practice their writing, make new friends, and open up with their thoughts. 

I received delightful feedback from the parents and the care homes. One parent messaged me saying that her 7-year-old daughter excitedly shared about her new care home resident friend to all her classmates and teachers. They have been writing back and forth regularly.

This project has given me something positive to cherish when I would now think about the year 2020. It has taught me how willing people are to help each other. All they need is an opportunity to make a difference. Additionally, I also received the Point of Lights award by the Prime Minister of the UK. I am proud to know that many people smiled and made friends during the lockdown. Thanks to the Cheerful Little Letter Project.”

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Lucy Murray for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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