Khushiyaan Foundation has distributed 1,14,900 meals in 20 days

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

“Since childhood, I wanted to join the Indian Army and serve my nation. However, I couldn’t be a part of the Army, so I started working as a Social Activist in 2014.

I am Chinu Kwatra, living in Thane, Maharashtra. I started putting out my work on Social Media and gradually many people with the same passion and vision started working with me.

Image of Chinu Kwatra with his mother
Image: Chinu with his mother

In December 2018, I started Khushiyaan Foundation. Since then, we are working on different projects such as shelter homes for stray dogs, the Yamuna and Ganga river clean-up, the Mumbai beach clean-up, and project MARD (Menstruation A Right to Discuss) to address the issue of menstruation as a taboo in India. 

Additionally, one projects is “Roti-Ghar” that was started in 2017 with an intention to feed, love and pamper underprivileged kids. Before the lockdown, our kitchen provided meals to approximately 1000 kids every day. 

When the PM of India announced a 21-day complete lockdown, on March 24th, I was in Delhi when I got a call from Mrs. Priyanka Chaturvedi asking if we can expand our kitchen service to feed migrants and laborers during the lockdown. I decided to kick start the project immediately with my team and we started promoting in order to get the required funds and resources. 

For the COVID-19 relief, we divided our volunteers into 3 groups. 

The first group is of 6 people who are working in the kitchen. The kitchen operations are supervised by my mother. She gets up at 4 in the morning every day to start the preparations. She ensures that the food quality isn’t compromised and that every meal tastes like home-cooked food.

The second group includes 7 people working from home who are managing and maintaining a database to track the number of meals to be distributed the next day. 

The third group is of 8 people who are out on the field delivering the food and supplies to the people. The support of the Mumbai Police and the Government has been really outstanding for us to function smoothly. All my field volunteers have got the Mumbai Police pass which helps us in a frictionless timely delivery of the meals. This is a combined effort of so many people helping directly or indirectly. 

On March 25th, we started by feeding 1000 people and the number is growing daily. Until April 13th, we have successfully distributed 1,14,900 meals. We have now started to deliver ration kits to different families so that people have enough ration to cook for themselves for about a week and they don’t need to step out of the house. So far, we have delivered ration to over 6000 people.

Inspired by Roti-Ghar and my team, my fiancé and her mother have also taken an initiative to cook and feed approximately 300-400 people daily in their local community in Delhi.

Caring for people is what makes me happy and content. Social media has helped me connect with others. I started this journey alone and many people have joined my hands along the way. I would have never done this all alone. Thankfully my team is as passionate as I am to serve the nation and its people. We will continue to work round the clock no matter what.

Chinu Kwatra helping others on the field
Image: Chinu Kwatra during fieldwork before COVID-19 lockdown

The blessings that we get from people across the nation are what keeps us going. We know that the country needs us and the city needs us. During this time, everyone can contribute by staying inside and by supporting us to carry out this work. Ultimately, we all have a common goal and that is to see India fight this phase and grow into a developed nation.

It is a hard time for everyone. There are a lot of positive cases, but a lot of people are recovering and are now healthy. Nature is healing. We have never seen such a beautiful sky in Mumbai. We hardly used to get time to spend with our families and now a lot of us can be grateful to spend time with their loved ones.

I am a big fan of the book “The Secret”. And I truly believe that the law of attraction exists, and the universe grants you what you attract. In this worrisome phase, my team and I are trying to keep ourselves very positive, maintaining social distancing and ensuring hygiene is maintained throughout our work. 

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Khushiyaan Foundation who is going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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