Finn, as a Food Saver Volunteer, has pledged to save as much food as possible from getting wasted

"In my growing years, I have traveled a lot to many places such as South America, Morocco, Asia, etc. I witnessed and learned about poverty in many countries. Farmers around the world grow food for us, and ironically, they are the ones who cannot afford the luxury to enjoy the same food that they grow. Developed nations in Europe consume the yield and create an immense amount of food wastage.

Image: Finn Franzen
Image: Finn Franzen

I am Finn Franzen from Braunschweig, Germany. I am an Aerospace Engineer and a food saver volunteer who has pledged to save as much food as possible from getting wasted.

Foodsharing started in the year 2012 in Berlin and gradually expanded its operations in Austria and Switzerland. I became a member 3 years back. The idea of foodsharing is simple. Every member owns a virtual food basket. If a member is going on a holiday and has more food than they can consume, that gets shared on the Foodsharing platform. The platform has an interactive map that shows active food baskets in the vicinity. Anyone who is interested can pick the food. The platform also collaborates with several supermarkets, restaurants, and catering services.

We have groups of food savers dedicated to one facility such as a supermarket store. Based on the pre-defined pickup slots, the food savers visit and sort the food items according to their expiry. This food is then either used by the food saver volunteer or is donated to preferred organizations.

In the area of Braunschweig, a total of 934 members are registered and 73 facilities are active. In the month of June, 183 members of Foodsharing saved numerous food items during 753 food saving missions. During the pandemic, the homeless were the worst affected. Through this wonderful initiative, we have successfully shared food with many needy people.

Around 80% of the food items that I rescue are edible and in perfect condition. I bring home all the expired food to break it down into compost. I then use this compost in my garden. The initiative of Foodsharing has touched many hearts, just as it has touched mine. One challenge that we need to accept happily is that we must be ready to experiment with different cuisines using one same ingredient. There have been times when I ate broccoli for the whole week. But trust me, it isn’t that bad. I strongly feel that as long as there is an abundance of food to be given away to people who need it, I can definitely live with the rescued food happily.

According to statistics, in Germany, approximately 90 kg of edible food is wasted annually by one person. My biggest motivation to continue volunteering as a food rescuer is that many people lose their lives because of starvation. This breaks my heart, and I want to play my role in saving food and reducing starvation."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Finn Franzen for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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