Ella started Medi Teddy to help children overcome fear during surgical or infusion procedures

"I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP), a platelet disorder that puts me at a risk for bleeding or injury. I have to receive treatment regularly, and the most intimidating part of that experience for me was that big bag of infusion medicine that hangs on the I.V. pole. This is not only my fear but every child's fear who goes through the same experience. Hence, I came up with an idea to hide it.

Image: Ella Casano
Image: Ella Casano

I am Ella Casano from Fairfield, Connecticut, and I invented Medi Teddy. My first prototype was a penguin, which I made in 2017 and presented it to my school for an invention project. Later this went on to become a teddy bear called Medi Teddy. There is a pouch behind the teddy that allows the doctors and the nurses to keep a track of the medicine whereas the kid only sees the teddy bear. Medi Teddy is 100% washable to ensure hygiene is maintained.

Meg, mother of Ella, shares, "Initially, we had 500 Medi Teddy at our disposal so we started contacting hospitals and charities to supply them. However, most of the demand has come from the parents who want their kids to have a less scary procedure during surgery or an infusion. We gave our very first prototype to Ella's sister’s friend who was suffering from cancer. She felt so relieved to have it. As a parent, I am so proud of her. During the school project, every child came up with an invention, but Ella’s invention touched a nerve. We got great feedback from everyone who knows about Medi Teddy."

Ella adds, "I feel really happy when I see that I am not only able to use this for my own fear and discomfort but also able to help many children overcome their fear and anxiety during the infusion."

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