Dharmesh from Mumbai is on a spree to clean non-biodegradable trash from waterfalls & Mangroves

"I am Dharmesh Mewalal Barai, the Founder and Hon. Head coordinator of Environment Life, Mumbai, India. Environment Life works on various important subjects of Environment and Clean-up Activity since 2008. I feel that we are blessed with many natural resources, and it is our responsibility to take care of them with love and care.

Image: Dharmesh Mewalal Barai
Image: Dharmesh Mewalal Barai

We have taken up various projects since our inception.

- In 2016, we started 'Waterfall Clean-up Drive'. An initiative in which we cleaned 17 waterfalls by removing more than 10 tonnes of trash.

- Cleaning railways track and raising awareness among citizens.

- Annual Tree plantation drive during monsoon season To maximise efficiency and instill a feeling of responsibility, we always try to get the villagers, Gram Panchayat (Village Council), and nearby schools and colleges involved. We have recently started another initiative called #MangrovesCleanupDrive. We have removed approximately 3 tonnes of non-degradable trash in 8 weeks.

Due to the modern lifestyle, our environment is truly getting compromised. The natural imbalance is causing and will continue to cause many serious issues affecting mankind, both physically and mentally. The purpose of our organization is to promote and educate the masses on the subject.

My god mother taught me one basic rule that 'Wherever we live, love, and enjoy life freely, we must give back to that place. I live by this rule, and I would like to appeal everyone to contribute at least 2 hours in a week for your local surrounding."

To get in touch with Environment Life, you can reach to them on +91 9773274296 or via Instagram handle.

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Dharmesh Mewalal Barai for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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