Project Rakt started during the lockdown, has helped 1600+ women with eco-friendly sanitary products

"I am Devyani Mehta, living in Bengaluru, India.

Image: Devyani Mehta
Image: Devyani Mehta

I am in my junior year at Manipal Institute of Technology, studying Civil Engineering. My friends say that I am just the right person you can pour your heart to, over a cup of coffee! My father works in Defence hence he has access to shops/canteens that stock items at subsidized rates. My stock for sanitary pads always came from those shops, and I never had to worry about going out to the market to purchase one for me.

I came across a report that addressed 'period poverty' in India, and the statistics mentioned baffled me. At that moment I felt that my stock of sanitary pads was such a huge blessing. As I counted my blessings, I could not help but think about the people who were struggling to fulfill their basic necessities during these difficult times.

I decided to not sit idle any longer. Hence, stepped forward to contribute to the lives of the girls and women of my country. Project Rakt was started. We work towards spreading menstruation awareness, menstrual hygiene, and support women with environment-friendly, healthy, and safe sanitary supplies. Kindness and courage happen to be the most vital ingredients in the inception of Rakt.

Our platform connects those who wish to contribute and help someone directly.

Anyone can register on our website or via our social media channels. Our team then shares the address of the beneficiary with the donor. The donor can then place an order of the supplies online to be delivered to the beneficiary's address. We ensure that the donor gets a confirmation once the order has been delivered. This way we ensure maximum transparency is maintained between all parties, no financial transaction is done via Rakt, and the donor can see the direct impact they are making.

Project Rakt on-ground
Image: Project Rakt on-ground

We have supported over 1675 women by donating over 10,000 eco-friendly sanitary pads in just 40 days. The team at Rakt works hard to grow our operations to be able to support a higher number of menstruators. In addition to this, we have conducted an on-ground sanitary pad distribution drive in Mumbai, India. During this experience, we witnessed the stigma of menstruation that is prevalent even in today's times. Women were uncomfortable coming out of their homes to even pick up a free pack of pads. There is a lot of work required to end period poverty and period shaming. The generation today is open to change and is willing to put in their efforts to bring a change they wish to see. I hope we can bring the masses together to stand up to change the way menstruation is perceived in our country.

All this wouldn't have been possible without our amazing supporters, our donors, my parents, my friends, and many others who have constantly showered Rakt with an enormous amount of support, love, and power. It does not take much to be there for someone.

Head to our website now and gift a healthy period to the underprivileged."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Devyani for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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