Dani Wallace, a domestic abuse survivor, raised £16,000+ for domestic abuse victims during Lockdown

"I am Dani Wallace, 36. I am an international speaker and coach, as well as a professional singer. I am the fearless leader of the "I Am The Queen Bee Movement'. This movement helps women across the world Show Up, Wise Up, and Rise Up!

Image: Dani Wallace
Image: Dani Wallace

As lockdown hit, my gigs and speaking events were canceled. I have a history of anxiety and depression, so I could feel that I was starting to spiral into depression. I knew that it could have taken me down very quickly, and so I needed to get back to my 'why' in order to find my purpose, i.e. helping others to help me stay focused. Therefore, I launched my own TV program via my Facebook page - this was my way to ensure that I would get out of bed every morning. Hence, this gave me a lockdown purpose. I have recently just celebrated my 100th show!   I am a massive believer in collaboration and not competition. It's time for us all to link arm in arm. As a domestic abuse survivor, seeing the "surge" in violence and domestic abuse statistics during the lockdown, I knew I had to do something to raise vital funds and help those in need.

So, alongside the daily TV show, I hosted a spectacular 12-hour charity chat-a-thon with zero breaks! It was called THE BIG FESTOON and featured 20 celebrities and entrepreneurs, including; Six-time Olympian Tessa Sanderson, Nicole Jacobs, the UK's first Domestic Abuse Commissioner, BBC Eastenders' Toby- Alexander Smith, This Morning's Dr. Ranj, TV psychologist Emma Kenny, Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton, and TV's Jenny Powell. They all came together for ‘real talk’ around how they have chosen to thrive not just survive life in lockdown – this event not only inspired entrepreneurs across the globe who were trying to cling onto their livelihoods but also raised over £16,000 for domestic violence charities - the primary charity supported was Women’s Aid. 

The name 'The Big Festoon' comes from the term 'festoon' - a lacework of bees hanging together, leg-to-leg, between the frames of comb is called a “festoon” and the behavior is called “festooning” - they support each other!  

This incredible 12 hours chat-a-thon was led by me. It was packed full of real talk, motivational pow wows, business inspiration. A lot of celeb guests and business leaders came together to lift the spirits of the nation’s entrepreneurs and raise much-needed funds and awareness for domestic violence charities at the same time. 

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Dani Wallace for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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