"Quilting is a timeless form of art to express oneself". Join hands for Corona Quilt of Humanity.

"Corona Quilt Project stems from our passion to see the world differently for us and for our future generations. We were having a conversation about quilting, and we realised how quilting is such a timeless form of art and craft. People have used quilting from time to time to express their feelings and emotions. A few days ago, we read this poem by Julia Myers called 'Stitching a new quilt of humanity'. This was around the same intention of wanting a different world and understanding our responsibilities towards each other.

Hence, Corona Quilt Project was started. It is about taking a moment of pause to really rethink and reflect who we are, what do we stand for, and what do we like to leave behind.

In addition to this, we not only wanted everyone to use just their minds but also be able to use other forms of intelligence, especially our body wisdom.

Anyone and everyone can submit a square, either physical or virtual, that represents their own thoughts and emotions. We have also ensured that the quilt represents diversity, so we have encouraged people across the world to participate. We have received squares from groups of differently-abled people, groups in refugee camps, people who stand for menstruation or for sustainable fashion, and many more.

A few days ago, we received a square by a woman who has lost her mother. She took a piece of her saree (Indian garment that is worn by women) and drew on it with onion skin dye. While she was drawing, she was in her home surrounded by her things. She expressed how therapeutic this was for her. The square was really powerful and touched our hearts.

Before we started this project we decided that one governing factor would be to ensure that we send across the message that just like life, we are messy and imperfect. We do hope for a better world with a positive vision. However, we also understand that today can be hard for many. This attitude helps people to put their true expressions in the square.

Corona Quilt does not belong to one person, it belongs to everyone."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Corona Quilt Project Team for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

If you know someone who is going above and beyond for others, please share the story https://www.youhumanity.com/share-your-story

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