Christopher Vane opened 'Little Bear Sanctuary' to provide love and home to abandoned animals

"My mother loved animals, and she passed on her 'compassion-for-animals-gene' to me. She had dreamt to have a place where rescued animals could live comfortably for life. My name is Christopher Vane, and I started Little Bear Sanctuary, named after my mother Ursula (little bear in Latin), in 2017 in Florida.

Image: Christopher Vane
Image: Christopher Vane

When I was young, I wanted to become a vet but I studied human medicine. I then switched my career to be a realtor. When I took some courses to be a realtor, I realized where my purpose and passion truly lied. In the year 2015, I decided to open a sanctuary. As they say, when you put something out loud to the universe, the universe uses all it's resources to grant you that wish. In about two years, we moved into our farm. 

Little Bear Sanctuary is a permanent home for farm animals. There are either rescued animals or animals who cannot be looked after by their owners. We have around 155 animals, including pigs, cows, goats, donkeys, sheep, ducks, and chickens. The animals have their own pastors to roam freely. We have a daily routine to carry out health check-ups on each animal and look after their medication and feeding.

These animals have impacted not only my life but also others. We had a case of two gigantic abandoned pigs that weighed approximately 1000 pounds. This was the first time I saw support from numerous people to ensure the pigs get to the sanctuary safely. A lot of people raised funds and arrived at the sanctuary on the day of the pigs' arrival. The pigs are very lucky as they have so many friends.

Every morning when I wake up I feel extremely proud to walk around the farm and see my animals. These animals were once neglected and scared, and now they play freely in their pastors. To see them this joyous is extremely fulfilling. We welcome everyone to visit and meet our animals by appointment. I have dedicated my full-time to the sanctuary looking after the animals with the support from various people who donate for the cause. My mother never got to see the sanctuary, but I am sure she is watching down on us and is extremely proud."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Christopher Vane for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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