Vikram and Mrinal have been spreading joy, all around the world, through live Bhangra sessions

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

“As kids, we danced Bollywood at community events, but we have always loved Bhangra more. So we wanted to ensure that more people know about Bhangra. We believe it is a dance form that anybody can perform regardless of his or her ethnicity. Therefore, we decided to start Bounce Bhangra in 2016 with an aim to combine Bhangra, Fitness, and Hip-hop to create fun workout sessions for our students.”

Image: Mrinal and Vikram (pre-covid session)
Image: Mrinal and Vikram (pre-covid session)

"We are brothers Vikram Seth and Mrinal Seth from London. I believe Bhangra is a dance form that gives an immense amount of energy and strength. It is a cardio exercise that people actually enjoy doing. One cannot do Bhangra and not have a smile on his or her face. This is also perfect for people who hate going to the gym.”

Mrinal tells us the impact of COVID-19 on Bounce Bhangra, “We used to conduct physical classes twice a week on Monday and Friday. Post lockdown, we decided to go ahead with the session but virtually. The response was so overwhelming that Vikram announced to conduct the sessions daily."

Vikram laughs and adds on, “I honestly had no idea how long would the lockdown last. Everybody was so happy during the session, that it made me take this decision spontaneously, and we ended up conducting live sessions for 12 weeks. After the first few weeks, we were doubtful whether we shall continue the sessions virtually. But we were getting so many messages from people encouraging and thanking us. Our dance sessions were helping people to keep their spirits high during this difficult phase. On top of it, conducting dance sessions really helped us to keep a positive outlook."

Image: Virtual dance session (post-covid session)
Image: Virtual dance session (post-covid session)

“We had people joining us from the USA, Germany, France, India, Pakistan, and many other countries. The focus of our Bhangra sessions has been to have fun with everyone and look after each other. This is exactly what we tried to do even during the lockdown. After a few days, we wanted to try something different, so we introduced stamina strengthening sessions and beginner sessions on weekends to teach basic Bhangra moves. On one of the sessions, we had a woman in her 60’s joined us, and she did the whole stamina session with us. Another time a woman told us how these sessions are helping her daughter's Asthma condition. We have also had elderly people joining us. They would sit for the hour and watch others jumping and dancing, and this made them so happy.”

"Through Bounce Bhangra not only the community but also many artists have benefited. The dance sessions were our way to give back to the community. This was the reason why we weren’t charging for any session and everyone was welcome. But we also realized that many artists have been struggling during this period. Hence, we organized a 3-day festival conducting 16 different sessions with 16 different artists for dance, poetry, yoga, meditation, and many more. Participants paid a fee to be a part of these sessions and we raised £400, a part of which was donated to the NHS, and the other part went on to support the artists.”

“We are now gearing up to implement the concept of mental health in our upcoming sessions. During pre-COVID life, we have always wanted to start our sessions virtually, but we never executed the plan. Because of the lockdown, we were forced to go virtual, and we cannot complain. We love it. This has been really rewarding. We have seen an increase of 1000 followers which is huge considering we only had a class of 25 people. Had COVID-19 hit 50 years back, we would all be sitting at home doing nothing. The internet has helped us reach out to as many people as possible.”

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Vikram and Mrinal (Bounce Bhangra) for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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