An auto-driver, N. Basker, from Chennai is running a pet auto service for our paw friends

"I have dedicated the last three years for pets, especially dogs. I am an auto-driver for 20 years, and I have decided to combine my profession and my personal interest.

Image: N Basker
Image: N Basker

I am N. Basker, and I started a Pet Auto Service in Chennai, India. My first close contact with the strays started when I met an animal activist, Ms. Vinodhini, who guided me into feeding strays. Gradually, I started helping out with distress calls about injured or hungry strays.

The COVID-19 lockdown was challenging as the vehicles were restricted. I tried seeking special permission from the police to take care, feed, or take the strays to the vet. However, I was denied permission due to strict lockdown rules. A dog was in desperate need. I somehow managed to reach the vet for its treatment. During the entire period of the lockdown, my sons and I fed 50 dogs every night.

Additionally, I recently helped in the transportation of Soccer who is unfortunately paralyzed in his hind legs. So far, I have worked on sterilizing the female dogs on the streets and equipping the puppies with reflective collars. I humbly appeal to all auto drivers to try and help the strays in need to transport them to the vet. If I ever have the funds, I would get a pet ambulance and serve the strays 24/7. My wife works as a cook in someone’s house where she earns Rs.4000 monthly and that is how we manage our family of four. If there are any noble souls who would like to make my service sustainable, then I am also open to donations via Paytm. I am fully dedicated to this cause and will do so until my last breath. I can be reached at +917010765506 and +919445159587 for any transportation calls in Chennai or donations for my pet auto service."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to N. Basker for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity. Special shoutout to Jayashree Chandrasekaran for having a conversation with Basker and helping us with the translations.

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