Alison is planting wild meadows in areas of wastelands to bring back the bees and the butterflies

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Image: Alison Thompson
Image: Alison Thompson

Alison Thompson, the founder of The Patchwork Meadows, lives in Birmingham, UK. During the lockdown, she stepped forward to plant seeds of wild meadows in areas of wasteland near her neighbourhood. Since then she has been giving out packs of wildflower seeds to people and organisations and encouraging them to join hands in her initiative. Since the start, over 200 packets of seeds have been given out.

Alison says, "I can bring more people together to enhance local neighbourhoods, individual health, and wellbeing. This way we can bring back the bees and the butterflies."

In addition to this, Alison has been actively helping in her local community from collecting prescriptions through the doors of all her neighbours to writing to people who are lonely during the lockdown. She has also volunteered at the local food bank packing food parcels.

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Alison Thompson for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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