Akshita, through her paintings, is spreading warmth to the homeless during Delhi winters

"I have always been a creative soul. As a hobby, I have been painting for quite a few years, through school, college, and now a corporate job. I am Akshita Jain, living in Delhi, India.

Image: Akshita Jain
Image: Akshita Jain

We would agree that the lockdown gave all of us so much more time in our hands. I chose to use this time to paint again. My evenings used to be therapeutic with music and painting.

After painting approximately 30 small paintings, I started gifting them to my friends. During this time, a friend of mine shared that he had decided to use at least 1% of his income towards a cause. He then went on to buy a few blankets and distributed those to the homeless.

Usually, we all have a mindset that we will contribute to a cause only when we have plenty for ourselves. Instead, we forget to realize that the difference we will make, even with the tiniest donation, will be huge for someone. Keeping a small amount or percentage of your salary annually may not make much difference to your life, but it could really change someone else's. This thought struck me, and I was inspired to do the same.

One night, I posted on my Instagram account, “Choose a painting and donate whatever amount for blanket distribution in Delhi this winter."

One thing led to another, and so many people appreciated the initiative and contributed. I decided to double the amount, and together we raised 19,550 Indian Rupees (approximately $265). With this collection, I bought 250 warm blankets and distributed them to a few charities and to the homeless living on cold Delhi streets.

Going forward, I have not stopped painting. Anyone can request the paintings in return for a donation. All the proceeds will be kept transparent and be always used for charity.

To conclude, this initiative has made me so content. A good thing was done in 2020."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Akshita Jain for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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