ACP Virender Sharma Punj from Delhi Police expresses his dedication towards serving his nation

"I belong to a family that left everything in Undivided India (now Pakistan) and came to Delhi to start from scratch in 1947. My parents worked hard to establish a new life and to educate me and my siblings. Giving our best and committing fully to our duties are the learnings we have been given by our elders. 

ACP Virender Sharma Punj, Delhi Police
Image: ACP Virender Sharma Punj

I am ACP Virender Sharma Punj, Preet Vihar sub-division, Delhi Police. My family believes that we are privileged and thus, it is our duty to contribute and work for others. My nephew is a Doctor and my daughter-in-law is a nurse. They both are on the frontline fighting COVID-19. My daughter is actively working with a non-profit to distribute medical supplies and sanitary napkins to women in rural areas.

Life throws all kinds of things at us. In 1985, my father lost his life in a hit-and-run road accident on the same day when I took my Sub-Inspector Exam. It was a big shock for me and my family. We felt that God snatched everything from us in a few moments. My father had always taught us to never give up. And this is what we do as a family – We never give up.

I now work as the Assistant Commissioner of Police in the Preet Vihar sub-division of East Delhi. When I started working, approximately 31 years ago, I did not know how much potential I have. But after seeing so much that is going on with people around I feel ‘Duniya me itna gham hai, mera kitna kam hai’ (There is so much sorrow in the world, my pain and worries are so small). I can surely put my worries aside and serve others.

Today’s time has affected the entire world very differently. Our Prime Minister Modi Ji has taken good and strong decisions at the right time. Delhi Police is doing its best to explain to people the benefit of staying at home. We are offering them flowers, singing songs for them, performing social distancing drills, and requesting them to respect the lockdown. Initially, it was difficult but now people respect our dedication and cooperate with us.

Another aspect we are working towards in our area is to ensure that daily wage labourers get all basic necessities. We are distributing food and milk and providing shelter to the needy. I have to take care of my bigger family, which constitutes 2 million people. In the past, there have been many days when I have not gone home as duty comes first. Currently, I have been away from home for more than a month, and I will continue to stay away to serve my people until the lockdown is lifted.

Image: ACP Virender Sharma's family

The dedication and energy I have towards my duty are all because of my wife, Mrs. Mamta Sharma. She is a strong and empowered woman who has taken all the right decisions in our family, and I am lucky to call myself her husband. I would like to conclude by singing a song from a 1970 Hindi movie - Purab Aur Paschim."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to ACP Virender Sharma Punj and Delhi Police for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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