A man (32) from India is turning discarded television sets into homes for paw-dorable street dogs

"I am Abhijit Dowarah from Assam, India. For many days I have been noticing the street dogs in my neighbourhood. They suffer a lot when it rains, and they do not have any specific place to sleep. Also, some of them are killed by running vehicles. One day I thought to myself that if I build tiny houses for these street dogs, it would be a great relief for them.

Image: Abhijit Dowarah (source: Instagram/dowarah_abhijit)
Image: Abhijit Dowarah (source: Instagram/dowarah_abhijit)

After thinking for a solution, I noticed that old televisions ultimately turn into a waste product when a family upgrades their television set to LCD/LED. So, I went out in the search of such old televisions. When I collected some I removed the unwanted parts. With the frame, I designed suitable and cozy homes for the street dogs to stay in. I have named them "Baator Ghor". I have placed several such homes in various streets. I am on a mission to collect more television frames and build more homes. I won't be able to complete my mission alone. Hence, I'd like to request all to step up, build such #BAATORGHOR, and place them in the streets. Also, don't forget to upload pictures along with the dogs. Your one big step can influence many."

You Humanity pays respect and gratitude to Abhijit Dowarah for going above and beyond to contribute towards Humanity.

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