Glimmers of humanity have always pierced through the world. Now is the time when we have started to notice and appreciate the gestures even more. We believe that making this world a better place to live is a combined effort of a lot of people.

Such people deserve our support, our gratitude, and our best wishes to continue doing amazing things.


You Humanity pledges to bring 1000 stories of kindness and compassion across the world. If you are contributing in your own unique way, we need to hear your story.

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Founder & CEO

Sanjana is a firm believer in 'Optimism' and 'Hope'. Put the music on, and she will be the first one to move and sway.

"There is so much happening behind the scenes that we are not usually aware of. Every life has a story, and I love listening to each one of them"




Shreya is a firm believer in 'Karma' and is always grateful for the little things in life. And yes, she loves to cook for others.


"I am in awe of people who spread love and kindness in the world and change lives. Listening to stories gives me immense happiness."


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